Men's Shelter

Since April, 1966, there has been an open door for the homeless on the Peninsula. The provision of a bed with fresh linens, a shower and clean clothes, a hot meal, and a gospel ministry are all made without any charge to the recipient. Thousands upon thousands of needy folks have found help and a warm welcome through our doors.

Overcomer's Program

At any given time 12 - 15 of our residents are participating in this program. Men's lives are reshaped by church attendance, chapel services, small group studies, counseling sessions, work assignments, and accountability for behavior. All these are tools in the Master's hand to make men into the image of Jesus Christ.

Camp Open Arms

Camp Open Arms is a free summer program for needy children. Thousands have attended over the years, and hundreds have met the Savior in a life-changing way! Volunteers staff the camp for two weeks each summer. If you know of a child whose family cannot afford to pay for them to attend a camp, have their parents download and complete the Camp Application.

Other Assistance

From time to time we receive calls from families within the community who have come upon hard times. These calls are handled on a case by case basis and may include assistance such as groceries, clothing, or other necessities. The gospel is shared during each of these interviews, and we are thankful to be able to help those outside the PRM walls.



Where we minister – Newport News Shipbuilding and the V.A. hospital bring a lot of men to the Peninsula – men who, initially, may need the help of the Rescue Mission. Situated only two blocks away from the downtown bus terminal, God has us well-placed to meet needs on the Virginia Peninsula.



What we do - We begin by meeting physical needs. When the needs are great, and the situation is dire, we rescue with lodging, food, clothing, or finances. This physical rescue serves two purposes: 1) physical needs must be met and 2) it opens the door to begin the process of spiritual rescue!!



Why we do it – The Rescue Mission has always had more than just the physical needs of people in mind. People need Jesus!! We rescue them physically, always praying for an open door and an open heart to introduce them to the Savior!! That has always been and will continue to be our Mission.


Serving the Least, the Last, and the Lost.

Many groups work diligently to provide material help for the needy. There are also many whose work is to introduce people to God through faith In Christ. The Peninsula Rescue Mission is a ministry seeking to do both. We operate completely independent from the government in order that we might maintain our Christian distinctives.



The Union Gospel Mission of Norfolk pioneered a homeless shelter ministry in Newport News. Rev. Jim Lindley was God's man to pioneer this work.


The ministry incorporated as the Peninsula Rescue Mission, with its own Board of Directors.


Camp Open Arms begins.


The Rescue Mission occupied its new facility at 3700 Huntington Avenue. This building contains offices, chapel, foodservice, and residence capacity for 32 men.


Rev. Lindley passed away as a result of a massive heart attack. Rev. Lindsay Poteat was called by the Board to carry on the work.


Mr. Alan DeFriese was called by the Board to become the Assistant Superintendent of the Mission.


Dedicated and occupied a new and additional facility at 314 37th St. in Newport News. The "Lindley Building" houses a clothing and food distribution center, and fifteen additional beds for men on our Overcomers Program.


Upon the semi-retirement of Lindsay Poteat (after 30 years of faithful service), the Board of Directors called Alan DeFriese to be the third Executive Superintendent of the Mission. John Twigg was called to be the Assistant Superintendent.