Living a Life, then Leaving a Legacy

Legacy Giving

One of Christ's Apostles, Simon Peter, having spent his life serving the Savior, wanted his work to outlive him. So he spent time writing two letters with this stated purpose: "...I will make every effort so that after my decease you may be able at any time to recall these things." He did something to ensure that the results of his lifetime of efforts would not fade away when God called him to heaven.

We, too, have the opportunity in life to do things that propel our influence into a future when we shall be with the Lord. The first man to die on planet earth, Abel, son of Adam and Eve, is spoken of in this way in Hebrews 11:4 - "By faith Abel offered to God a more acceptable sacrifice ... And through his faith, though he died, he still speaks." Our legacy giving program affords you the opportunity to express your faith in a way that lives on beyond your lifetime.

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As the former Executive Superintendent of the Mission for over 30 years, Lindsay is well-qualified and prepared to discuss your desire to bless this ministry through your legacy giving. He may be contacted by email or phone (757-870-4782).

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Front Lines of Soulsaving - "The Rescue Mission has long been important to me. I served on the Board for many years. I felt PRM was worthy of inclusion in my will because it is on the 'front lines' of soulsaving, it has an excellent record of success, and the Lord has blessed it. I have confidence in its future, and I wanted to invest in it." --R. A. Hespenhide

The Lord's Work - "My wife and I watched the Rescue Mission over many years; we love the work you do. You have wonderful results in the work of lives being turned around. For many years we have supported you in financial gifts and purchasing clothes for your Christmas work. We wanted to help you continue the Lord's work when we are gone, and so we are sharing with you in our legacy giving, as well." --K. Pierpont

Our Focus was on Children" - "We wanted our estate giving to help people in need here in our community, as we have done with our giving for many years. Our special focus was on children, ministering to them through Camp Open Arms. We love giving them a wonderful week each summer, especially having an exposure to Christian values. So we chose PRM to help us accomplish those goals with our legacy giving." --V.&N.S.