Ready to serve?


Meal prep and services is a great place to start. Read below to find out how to help and what to expect. 

Meal prep & services options

our food

You and your group help prepare and serve our food (required for first-time groups)

Your food

You and your group provide the food.  You are welcome to cook your food at our facility. Any food served at the Mission must be prepared in a VA Health Department inspected kitchen.  Please coordinate with us on this one so we can work out the details.

*We always ask you and your group to arrive in time to help setup for the meal and to stay for clean-up afterwards. This is a huge help to our kitchen staff whose days are quite long!

Meal prep info

Meal Schedule

Breakfast schedule (every day of the week):
7:45 AM – Arrive for setup and prep
8:30 AM – Serve and begin cleanup
9:15 AM – Finished (approx.)

Supper schedule (Monday – Friday):
5:00 PM – Arrive for setup and prep
5:45 PM – Serve and begin cleanup
6:30 PM – Finished (approx.)

Supper schedule (Saturday):
4:30 PM – Arrive for setup and prep
5:15 PM – Serve and begin cleanup
6:00 PM – Finished (approx.)

Supper schedule (Sunday & Holidays):
2:45 PM – Arrive for setup and prep
3:30 PM – Serve and begin cleanup
4:15 PM – Finished (approx.)

Other Info


Scheduling is done by emailing Faith.


We always have hot coffee and cold sweet tea & water (with plenty of ice). Alternate beverages may be served at your discretion.


Sweets are always a good idea. Home-made are best, but there are also many good store-bought goodies available.


3700 Huntington Ave.
Newport News, VA 23607


Thrift Store

6200 Jefferson Ave
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