Serving Families


The days leading up to Thanksgiving are busy and exciting at PRM! Folks are coming and going bringing boxed and canned goods, turkeys, butter, and more to make baskets for needy families. Some of our staff are running around to schools and churches to retrieve food they have collected for us. Our Ladies' Auxiliary gathers to lead in putting all the boxes together in preparation for our great give-away! Finally Alan goes shopping for supplemental items to finish out the gift boxes. Once all is in hand, folks start coming to receive their complete meal boxes for Thanksgiving. We hold a service here for those individuals who come, during which we share the Gospel. It never fails that some trust the Savior, making their holiday the best ever!


The process for Christmas provision is even a bigger job than Thanksgiving! For weeks we gather new toys and clothes for needy children. During that time our social workers are busy taking applications from mothers for help for their children. We note their sex, age, and size to be able to make a pair of large shopping bags for each child that will contain things suitable just for them! A few days before Christmas 30 to 40 volunteers convene and begin the hardest part of the process - selecting the appropriate items for each child. A team of ladies examine the bags, making notes of things yet needed, and then a team of folks go shopping to purchase whatever has not been donated, but is still needed. Then we have a service where the moms come and receive the things along with a Gospel message. Each child's bag also contains a Bible and a Gospel tract - gifts that keep on giving!


PRM has several food pantries where we store donated items received throughout the year. These are available for families in need, and we occasionally discover such circumstances and take food out to folks. Sometimes we even help churches and other ministries who share food with the needy, since the Lord blesses us with so much! It is exciting to know that hungry families will eat better because people cared and shared with them through us.