Serving Kids

Camp Open Arms

"As the twig is bent, so grows the tree." This old maxim reminds of a signal truth - we must reach them while they are young! Most people who come to faith in Christ do so as children, before hearts harden and the world's thinking so impacts them as to make faith more difficult. So in 1974 we launched "Camp Open Arms," a ministry designed to reach them while they are young! Each July we take 128 children from economically deprived homes to camp for a week. In the rural environs of Surry County we love on them and minister to them in many ways. Kind people give to sponsor the children, and the campers write them a "thank-you" card which we mail to the donors. Many children have met the Savior through this ministry, and many lives have been permanently changed because of COA. If you know of a child whose family cannot afford to pay for them to attend a camp, please have their parents download and complete the Camp Application.


Perhaps you remember childhood Christmases as I do - with deep fondness. For the needy, Christmas can be a sad time, saddest of all for the children. That is why we work so hard to provide a nice holiday for the many children we help each year. Every child receives two large bags filled with NEW toys and clothes, purchased with them in mind! The Moms come and receive the gifts so they can present them to the children as from themselves or as from Santa, whichever they choose. The day of preparing those bags involves the single largest group of volunteers who gather at any time during the year. Perhaps your office, family, Sunday School class, or other group would like to get involved. Just contact us, and we'll tell you how!