Jarin's Story

As we arrive each morning at PRM, we look over the roster to see how many men checked in, how many men did not return, how many men are scheduled to leave PRM, and to see any other notes from the night before. This was a pretty routine morning. A small number of men had checked in, but only one was a first-timer - Jarrin. During chapel I asked him to hang around and meet with me. He finished eating breakfast, came into the office, and we sat down to meet.

I was immediately impressed by this large man's articulate speech. He was so well spoken and polite. He expressed his gratitude for the help PRM was offering him, and then he began to share a little of his story. About two years prior, Jarrin had been diagnosed with cancer. Although I would have never noticed his hair, he was still a little self-conscious that it had not grown back as quickly as he hoped it would. Jarrin also indicated that he has a relationship with the Lord. His trust in the Lord had been his source of strength and calm through his entire cancer ordeal. After describing his lengthy treatment process, Jarrin smiled as he shared that he was now cancer free!!

During our conversation, what surprised me most about Jarrin was his plan!! He had family in North Carolina who loved and supported him. However, he felt job opportunities were limited in his small town, so he was moving into the Newport News area. Before coming, he had arranged one job at a local restaurant. He was well into his interview process for his second job with a large shipping company! He had a solid plan for handling his income and securing his own place to live. Jarrin insisted that he would only need our help for a few days, and he would be on his way!

As I write this article Jarrin has already left PRM. We pray that his plan is unfolding nicely!! Like so many men who leave PRM, we may never hear from him again. However, you played a part in Jarrin's life! Thank you for your partnership!!!