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Our Next Big Step

For the last 55 years, PRM has primarily been known for serving homeless men in our community. However, we have become increasingly aware that it is not just men who find themselves in need of emergency shelter. We discovered there is a real, unmet need for women experiencing homelessness in our community and have decided it is time for PRM to act! If you would like to learn more, watch the short video below as our CEO, Alan DeFriese shares more about this new and exciting vision.

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    May 2022

    March 23rd was the final day of PORT, the Newport News funded winter shelter program. Thursday, March 24th, was a sobering reminder for us that those unaccompanied women who had a safe place to seek shelter are now back on the streets. We feel the urgency to serve this group of women, meet their needs, and offer an opportunity for their lives to be transformed by the power of the gospel. God’s timing is always perfect, and we ask that you would pray for us to trust Him.

    One other exciting update – we have signed a contract on a building! While this is very exciting, there is still much work to be done. This puts us in a 6-month due-diligence period to line up all the necessary inspections before moving on to the next step. We look forward to providing you with additional updates in our next newsletter!

    April 2022

    We have found a building that would serve our purposes very well. We are communicating with the seller and are excited for this possibility. There are many more steps involved, and all of it moves more slowly than we would like. Please pray for the next steps to move quickly. Thank you all!

    February 2022

    We are currently exploring two possible locations. Both have great potential to meet the current need and leave room for future growth. There are some significant hurdles to overcome in order to use either of these properties as a shelter. Please pray the Lord will give us favor with our city’s leaders.


      3700 Huntington Ave.
      Newport News, VA 23607


      Thrift Store

      6200 Jefferson Ave
      Newport News, VA 23605